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Aguilar, E., Sagar, S., Murray, B., Rajesh, C., van Faassen, H., Michaud, S.A., Goodlett, D. R., Caffrey, T. C., Grandgenett, P.M., Swanson, B.J., Brooks, T.M., Black, A., Hussack, G., Henry, K., Hollinsworth, M.A., Brooks, C.L., Radhakrishnan, P. (2024) Structural Basis for Multivalent MUC16 Recognition and Robust Anti-Pancreatic Cancer Activity of Humanized Antibody AR9.6 Mol. Can. Ther. In Press 10.1158/1535-7163.MCT-23-0868

Mack, K., Samuels, Z., Carter, L., Mandleywala, K., ., Radhakrishnan, P., Hollingsworth, M and Lewis, J. (2024) Investigating the Theranostic Potential of a Novel MUC16-targeted Antibody for Ovarian Cancer. 10.2967/jnumed.123.266524


Brooks, C.L., Ostrov, D., Schumann, N., Kakkad, S., Pena, B., Williams, B.P., and Goldfarb, N. (2022) 2.1 Å Crystal Structure of the Mycobacterium tuberculosis Serine Hydrolase, Hip1, in its Anhydro-Form (Anhydrohip1). Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun. 630:57-63


Olson, M., Aguilar, E., ., Isder, C., Muilenburg, K., Talmon, G., Ly, Q., Carlson, M., Hollingsworth, M., and Mohs, A. (2022) Preclinical evaluation of a humanized, near infrared fluorescent antibody for fluorescence-guided surgery of MUC16-expressing pancreatic cancer. . :3586-3599

Ahmed, A, M., Brooks, C.L. (2022) X-ray Crystal Structure Analysis of VHH-Protein Antigen Complexes. In: Hussack G., Henry K.A. (eds) Single-Domain Antibodies. Methods Mol Biol. 2446:513-530. Humana, New York, NY

White, B., Patterson, M., Karnwal, S., and Brooks, C.L. (2021) Crystal structure of a human SEA domain reveals the nature of the CA125 tumor marker. Proteins. 90:1210-1218


Sharma, S.K., Mack, K., Piersigilli, A., Pourat, J., Edwards, K., Jiao, M., Zhao,H-W.,  *White, B., Brooks, C.L,  de Stanchina, E.,  Madiyalakan, R.,  Hollingsworth, M.,  Radhakrishnan, P.,  Lewis, J., and Zeglis, B. (2021) ImmunoPET of Ovarian and Pancreatic Cancer with AR9.6, a Novel MUC16-Targeted Therapeutic Antibody. Clin. Cancer Res. 28:948-959


Arutyunova, E., Lysyk. L., Morrison, M., Brooks, C.L., and Lemieux, M.J. (2021) Expression and purification of human mitochondrial intramembrane protease PARL. Methods Mol Biol. 2302:1-20



Mendoza, M.N., Jian, M., King, M.T., and Brooks, C.L. (2020) Role of a non-canonical disulfide bond in the stability, affinity and flexibility of a VHH specific for the Listeria virulence factor InlB. Protein Sci. 29:1004-1017.

Singh, J., Her, C., Supekar, N., Boons, GJ., Krishnan, V.V., and Brooks, C.L. (2020) Role of Glycosylation on the Ensemble of Conformations in the MUC1 Immunodominant Epitope. J. Pept. Sci. 26 (1), e3229


White, B., Huh, I., and Brooks, C.L. (2019) Structure of a VHH isolated from a naïve phage display library. BMC Res. Notes 12:154-160

Haji-Ghassemi, O., Müller-Loennies, S., Brooks, C.L., MacKenzie, C., Caveney, N., Van Petegem, F., Brade, L., Kosma, P., Brade, H., and Evans, S.V. (2019)  Subtle changes in the combining site of the Chlamydiaceae-specific mAb S25-23 increase antibody-carbohydrate binding affinity by an order of magnitude. Biochemistry 58:714-726


Brooks, C.L., Rossotti, M.A., and Henry, K.A. (2018) Immunological functions and evolutionary emergence of heavy-chain antibodies. Trends Immunol. 39:956-960

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Toride King M*., and Brooks, C.L. (2018) Epitope mapping of antibody-antigen interactions with x-ray crystallography. In: Rockberg J., Nilvebrant J. (eds) Epitope Mapping Protocols. Methods in Molecular Biology, vol 1785 pp.13-27


Movahedin, M*., Brooks, TM., Spuekar, NT., Gokanapudi, N*., Boon, JG and Brooks, CL. (2017) Glycosylation of MUC1 influences the binding of a therapeutic antibody by altering the conformational equilibrium of the antigen. Glycobiol. 27:677-687.

Delmanowski, RM*., Brooks, CL., Salas, H* and Tsukimura, B. (2017) Development of an enzyme linked immunosorbant assay to determine hemolymph levels of vitellogenin in Petrolisthes cinctipes and Pertrolisthes manimaculis. J. Crustacean Biol. 37:315-322.


Qu, J., Yu, H., Fenge, L., Zhang, C., Trad, A., Brooks, CL, Zhang, B., Gong, T., Guo, Z., Li, Y., Ragupathi, G., Lou, Hwu, P., Huang, W., and Zhou, D. (2016) Molecular Basis of antibody binding to mucin glycopeptide in lung cancer. Inter J Oncol. 48:587-94


Blackler RJ, Evans DW, Smith DF, Cummings RD, Brooks CL, Braulke T, Liu X, Evans SV, and Müller-Loennies S (2015) Single-chain antibody-fragment M6P-1 possesses a mannose 6-phosphate monosaccharide specific binding pocket that distinguishes N-glycan phosphorylation in a branch specific manner. Glycobiol. 26:181-92

Gunasekara SM, Hicks MN, Park J, Brooks CL, Serate J, Saunders CV, Grover SK, Goto JJ, Lee JW, Youn H. (2015) Directed evolution of the Escherichia coli cAMP receptor protein at the cAMP pocket. J. Biol. Chem. 290(44):26587-96


Huh, I., Gene, R., Kumaran, J., MacKenzie, C.R., and Brooks, C.L. (2014) In situ proteolysis, crystallization and preliminary X-ray diffraction analysis of a VHH that binds listeria Internalin-B. Acta Crystallographica F70, 1532-1535

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